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    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Visit to Nanny's.

    Just a quick update about our weekend.  We left for Nashville, AR on Wednesday after Turner's ENT appointment.  It was a follow-up from his tonsillectomy and tubes - everything is fine.  We arrived late and the kids went straight to bed.  On Friday, the kids and I loaded up to go to the park to see JonJon while he was working.  We had a lot of fun swinging and sliding.  Allison has just figured out how much fun slides are - and she's breaking my back in the process.  I'm not as agile as I used to be. UGH!  
    JonJon took some cute pictures - on his camera, so I don't have any.  Then we went to lunch at the Trail's End (Andy's brother's restaurant) with JonJon.  We met up with Andy there, after he'd had some meetings.  The boys love to eat there because Unlce RaRa has the HUGEST cheeseburgers!  And, Aunt Candy gave them ice cream with Halloween sprinkles.  
    Now, here's the best part of the day... Andy and I took the kids to the high school and dropped the boys off with Nanny.  She didn't have any kids in her room, and it was almost time for the pep rally.  The boys went to the pep rally with Nanny and then rode the school bus home.  They love Nanny's school bus and always get excited when it's in the yard.  I think the school bus ride was the high point of the weekend for them.  
    Andy and I went to Wal-Mart with only Allison... that was weird.  And, now it's Wednesday and I still don't think we are fully recovered.  What a crazy trip.  Hope your weekend was great!

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