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    Monday, September 12, 2011

    For snack on our first day, we were supposed to have a red, white and blue snack. I've never made a fruit flag cake, so this seemed like the perfect "excuse."

    Ryan frosted the cake with white icing.

    Allison did all the blueberry "stars." I don't think we had 50. We lost count.

    Turner helped slice the strawberries and line them up as the red stripes.

    It was SOOO Yummy!! We'll be doing this again. And it was so fun to all work together! By the way, the boys' cuuriculum is mostly American History, this year. Can you tell?
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    First day - Math

    Both boys workin on their math work in the morning sunlight.

    Turner, thinking hard!

    Ryan, figuring out the right answer!
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    K-1st Grade

    Ryan started school on August 15th, too. According to the state law, he's old enough for Kindergarten this year. He did First grade work with Turner last year, with very little problems, so this year he's doing some Second grade work. He's not doing spelling, yet, and he doesn't do as much writing as Turner. He's doing great!
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    School started Aug 15

    Turner's first day of Second Grade was August 15th.. Wow... that means this is our third year to homeschool, already. Where has the time gone? And no, I don't have it figured out, yet!!
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    Sat down this morning to do some Bible study, and when I found the page I also found a Lego light saber! May God's force be with me today!