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    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    New Blog Site

    AAAHHH!!!  What a pain this has been.  I recently joined the Google World!  I started my old blog before doing all this.  You can't change the email address that's associated with your Blogger site, and now it's just been a big mess.  I have to log out of things and back into other sites.  I just want it all to work together... PLEASE??  So, I've decided to make a new blog.  I'm also going to combine my other two blogs into this new one.  I will update about the family, post pictures, and also review books on here.  It's too stressful for me to think about updating two blogs, so maybe one will be easier for me.  Anyway, my old sites will be up for awhile - I don't know if anyone actually reads them, but I hate to leave you hanging!  So, here's to the change.  I hope it goes smoothly! 

    About the Books, Crayons, and Lightsabers...  These are the elements that make our house run smoothly.  If I don't have books to read after the kids are in bed, I feel lost.  If we all don't have crayons for emergency stress-relief, I mean coloring, we are all lost.  And if the boys don't have their precious light sabers, or items they can use as light sabers or swords or guns, they are lost.  Andy has his music, but he also reads, colors and sword-fights with the boys.  Sorry, Andy, I lumped you in with everyone else!  

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