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    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    Dickerson Park Zoo

    A couple of weeks ago, I metioned going to the zoo.  There was a 30% chance of rain all week, but nothing ever happened.  So, that Friday, we loaded up and went to the Zoo.  Fun!

    The kids were so excited to see a Military Macaw.  The last couple of times we have been, the Macaws have all been red or blue.  This one looks just like Grandma's Macaw, Katie.

    There was a pea cock sitting on top of the Macaw enclosure.  He was making a LOT of noise, so I figured he wanted his picture taken, too.

    The boys always love to go see the warthogs.  I have no idea why.  They were excited to see them up and about, not napping.

    The bald eagle enclosure is always one of our favorites!

    How exciting, that a snake had just recently shed its skin!!!  Man, we were excited!!

    Ryan started getting tired, and when he gets tired, we're done.  So, it was time to go.  We love visiting the Dickerson Park Zoo!!
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