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    Friday, March 30, 2012

    Gone Fishin'

    On Wednesday, the kids asked Daddy to take them fishing in the pond.  Man, I think they asked at least 6 times, each, during the day.  They couldn't wait.  By the way, the fish are BITING right now, so fishing is fun for our small group with little attention spans.

    Loaded up in Daddy's truck to head to the pond.

    Turner, Daddy and Ryan fishing.  Happy happy boys!
    As we were packing up the stuff, when we were done, we noticed the calves had got out of the barn yard.  We quickly loaded up the truck and headed back through the different fences, hoping to herd the calves back towards the barn.  Wicket was with us, and ended up helping immensely in getting the calves home.  Andy would drive the truck around one side of the calves, and Wicket would go the other way.  It was really rather amazing.  She had just been to the groomer on Tuesday, and was given a cute bandanna to wear.  I think they knew she would be a working dog this week! 

    Wicket, cow-dog extraordinaire!!
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