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    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Family Fun - Merry Christmas!

    Andy decided since we were all "dressed up" we should take pictures. Here are a few shots while he was setting up the camera. Oh, and yes, we homeschool... that is our time-line behind the bench on the green wall!

    Ryan is in ridiculous phase - always the clown!

    Turner CAN NOT wait when the timer goes off. He shakes all over waiting for the camera to take the picture!

    Ryan took some pictures of us, but I kept yelling at the dog to quit standing up to the table. So, finally I just grabber her. Here's Wonder Puppy - she's 7 months old, now.

    One very ticklish little girl!

    Andy told Turner to look "smooth." This is what he got!

    Ryan's got the smooth look down!

    After what seemed like forever, Andy decided we just couldn't take "normal" pictures. Wicket came to give him kisses!
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    Sega said...

    These are so classic! What fun!