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    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Advent Activity 23, Candle-lit dinner

    Last night, our Advent Activity was to have a candle-lit dinner. Starting about 3, the kids helped me clear off the table, put a table cloth on (that's a big deal!), find the cloth napkins, gather all the candle sticks and light the candles and then figure out what to cook for dinner. We had some ham I had bought to slice for sandwiches, so I threw that in the oven for a few hours on low to just warm up and make the house smell good. We cooked some sweet potatoes and opened a can of cranberry sauce. Hubby brought home some egg rolls from one of his co-workers, so we added those to the table. We also had some left-over creamy onion soup. After everyone was "dressed", we sat down for dinner. Allie and I wore sparkly evening gowns and the men all wore sweater vests with ties. The small men didn't match at all, and man, my dress was itchy, but we had a blast! After dinner we took some family pictures by the Christmas tree, but after looking through the pictures this morning, it seems the tree was cut out of most of the pictures. Oh, well! Here's a few snapshots of what was the first of hopefully many Advent dinner memories!

    Ryan poured soy milk in the wine glasses for the kids.

    Allison made the sweet potoates (mashed, from a box - we were low on groceries, oops!)

    Turner set the table. He couldn't believe we were using the fine china, that's made in Japan - that boy cracks me up!
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