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    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    What to say?? 30DayGive 2010

    Well, hello Blog. How are you? Life's been a little crazy lately. Have you noticed? Has anyone? Let's see. We now live in a different state. That's exciting. We're adjusting. We're trying to get the house put together. We're hosting Thanksgiving in 4 weeks. YIKES!!

    The real reason I'm pulling this up, is that I'm doing the 30Day Giving Challenge again this year. I'm pretty excited. I love to keep track of the blessings I receive as I bless others. So, I'm hoping this will motivate me to keep up with you, my blog, as I keep track of my giving for the month of November.
    Yesterday was the 1st. And actually, I hadn't even really thought about it, but I offered up some workbooks that I didn't need for the kids. Today, as I was arranging a meeting for the mom to get them, I realized that was what I gave yesterday. Today, I dropped off our old vacuum and a box of miscellaneous stuff at the thrift store. So, 2 down, 28 to go. I feel good.

    More about the move later... (yeah, right!)

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