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    Monday, November 8, 2010

    The 30-day Giving Challenge

    Yes, I'm doing this again this year. But I'm not stressing about it. I feel good. I've unloaded 4 or 5 boxes to the local thrift store. I've passed on baby items, books, and clothes. I've done special things for my husband. I've given up half a day to see some of my favorite teenagers. And I've been blessed. My neighbor is fantastic. She's as sweet as can be, and willing to be there for us. We've lived here 6 weeks. She watched my kids for the aforementioned half a day. With only two days notice. We've been welcomed with open arms into our new church. The other homeschooling moms I've met are all willing to answer my questions (and I have a lot) about places to go locally (Drs, car places, shopping, etc). I have little people that love to hug me. I have little eyes that smile at my silliness. Yes, I'm am blessed. And I'm enjoying sharing my blessings this month. Are you giving?

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