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    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    The Move

    So, to back up a little bit (about a month), we've moved to Missouri. Not very far into Missouri. We're only an hour from the Arkansas line. Andy got a job up here last March (well, he started on the 31st), and was making the hour and a half drive every day. We finally decided it was time to leave home. We looked at a couple of houses, and finally found the one we're in.

    We're out with the cows. And mice. We have a few neighbors, and by few, I mean 5 or 6 within half a mile. Only one of the neighbors is under the age of 50 (I think she's in her
    early 20s), so I'm praying we become friends. She has a little guy who's almost one. A little younger than my kids, but Allison is in love with him.

    We've been to the new church once. We went early for Sunday school, and Turner volunteered to be Joseph in the Christmas show. And he's our shy one!! We've met with Charlene a couple of times (she's the associate pastor), and she helped us find a Sunday School class that I think will
    be what we need right now. She also gave me some phone numbers for babysitters.

    We've joined the Y. They offer homeschool PE once a week, and the boys seem to really like that. Turner is signing up for basketball and can't stop talking about it. They also have Family Fun Nights on Fridays, and other art classes throughout the year. I think our Y membership is going to provide a lot of fun. Besides, the whole exercise thing...

    Our shopping options here are Wal-Mart, Lowes, Dollar General, a couple of smaller grocery stores, and a few cute down-town-type shops. There's one store, Modern Variety, that reminds me of General Dollar back home. You never know what you'll find and it's so much fun to go in there.
    As a thrift-queen, I'm sad to say there's only one thrift store here, and I wasn't very impressed. However, Springfield is only 50 minutes away and they have over 15, according to Joplin is 30-45 minutes away and they have about the same.

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