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    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    Small Wonders at the Corn Maze

    Small Wonders had a field trip to a local Corn Maze.  We are so blessed with such a great preschool program and teachers.  The boys were invited to come along, too, so we all loaded up and headed out to get lost in the corn! 

    Allison is looking at the map on the postcard. 

    Ryan, Turner and a friend, Perry. 

    4 boys.

    Allison, the hog!

    About the mid-way point of the maze, there's a bridge that takes you up and over.  The kids loved looking out over the whole maze!  I can't believe I didn't take a picture from up there!

    The boys and Perry.  We are in the same Sunday school class and small group as Perry's parents.  We really love that family! 

    At certain points they had questions you could answer, multiple choice.  Each choice had a different direction to go.  The boys loved this!
    Mrs. Carol in the front car, and Allison in the third!

    Allison and Leslie - they've been together for both years at PreK. 
    The Three Amigos.  They were all in the same class last year, too!  So cute!  Allison, Taylor, and Leslie.

    Turner loved the corn box - instead of a sand box. 

    Allison and Taylor!

    Thank you, Mrs. Carol and Mrs. Gwen for such a fun preschool class!! 

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