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    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Cox South, again.

    Andy experienced appendicitis at the end of May.  We rushed him up to Springfield, thanks to our wonderful local doctor.  We farmed out the kids to friends, and I stayed with Andy at Cox South Hospital in Springfield.  His surgery went well, and I was blessed to have our pastor wait with me during the procedure. 
    Fast forward five week... Allison wakes up coughing one morning.  The boys had been coughing for a couple of days, so I honestly didn't think much of it.  We loaded up and went to Lebanon, MO, to spend the day with our Camino friends (De Colores!).  When we picked the kids up at lunch time from the nursery, Allison had a fever.  So we cancelled the rest of the day, said a rushed good-bye, and headed home.  As we were heading into the Springfield area, I asked Andy to go ahead and stop at Urgent Care.  It was a Saturday, and if we went all the way home, and she got worse, then we'd be going to the ER.  Urgent care is just a little bit cheaper than ER.  :) 
    By this time, Allison was very lethargic.  We went in, and the triage nurse hooked Allison up to the O2 machine.  I guess it had bad news, because they immediately put her on Oxygen and sent us for a chest Xray.  Andy and the boys were at Guitar Center playing - we all thought it would be a quick in and out. 
    When Andy called back to check on us, I told him, "She's on oxygen, has had two chest Xrays and we're being admitted.  She has pneumonia."  Not what you expect! 
    Thankfully, one of our pastors and another good friend were on there way home from Lebanon at this time, so they picked up the boys and took them to eat.  Then they dropped them off at Aunt Amanda's for the night.  We headed up stairs, to the same floor Andy had been on 5 weeks earlier.  This time we were on the fun end of the floor.  Once Allison was hooked up to her IV and had sort of slept through the night, with breathing treatments, back beatings (loosening up the junk in her lungs), and vital checks, we got to "enjoy" our time.  Here's a few pictures I took on Sunday.

    Allison driving the car around the hallway.  There is even a dotted yellow line all along the unit.  Notice the hallway?  She even did a scavenger hunt with the pictures on the wall!

    They brought in a bunch of toys for Allison to play with.  Her favorite, of course, was a baby doll and a doctor kit.  So much fun for a sick baby!

    After her IV was removed, we had a fun time in the play room.  She could have gone in with the IV, but we had too much fun checking out movies and doing the scavenger hunt.  Considering the circumstances, I can't believe how much fun we had!!
    Thankfully she's all better.  This article was released a week after our stay at Cox.  Good to know!!
    Top Hospitals in the Nation.
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