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    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Bittersweet Cousin Time

    About a month ago, Andy's grandmother had a stroke.  We didn't make it to see her, partly because she seemed to be getting better.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see her at all, but thankfully, she's now with the Lord, celebrating!  We were sad to not have a recent visit with her, but while we were down in Southern Arkansas last week for the funeral, we were blessed to have a wonderful time with family.  One of the days (they all ran together - I didn't sleep well while we were there), our niece came over and brought her three kiddos to play.  So much fun!!

    Here are the two blondes!  We couldn't believe how much Abi and Ryan looked like family.  So cute!

    Here I am (fuzzy picture - one of the kiddos took this), holding our newest great-niece, Julianne. 

    Allison, of course, loved the new baby.  Ryan loves to make babies laugh!

    A visit to Nashville isn't complete without a Tea Party with Mama Sue.  This one was extra special because Allison had a cousin to enjoy it with.  The girls played great together!

    Parker, our great-nephew, loved the jelly beans!! He has a mouth full, here!

    Parker wanted in on the tea party!

    Cousins, having fun!!

    Garret wasn't really sure about all the girl-play.  Cuddling with Mama is just as good. 

    This was the funniest thing all day.  Andy was looking at a truck magazine.  Parker wanted to see tractors.  Andy kept explaining, "Truuuuck."  Parker would shake his head and say, "Traaactor."  So cute and funny!!
    We had a wonderful time with cousins! 
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