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    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Works for me, Wednesday (on a Thursday)

    I love reading other blogs with the heading "Works for Me Wednesday". They are usually full of creative ideas for all sorts of things. So, today I'm doing one - on a Thursday!
    We struggle with too many cups for the dishwasher at the end of the day. It seems my kids have to get a new cup for every drink. The table is always full of cups. Plus, for the most part, they eat dry cereal in cups for breakfast (I have no idea why). So, I've instituted a new one-cup (for drinks)-a-day policy. I took some rubber bands and put their initials on them. Well, the rubber bands were all beige. And the initials were very small. So, yesterday I rethought the idea. I figured I needed to go to an office supply store anyway, so I'd pick up some colored rubber bands, and they would each pick a color. Then it hit me. We have colored rubber bands ALL OVER our house. They're called Silly Bandz!!! (or the generic equivalent) So, now, they place their favorite silly band on their cup in the morning, and hopefully by dinner, they're using the same cup. I'm not expecting miracles, but I've already noticed a lot less cups in the sink!!

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