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    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    Happy New Year

    I keep telling myself I'm going to be better about blogging, and then FLOP, there I go again, doing nothing! :)
    The local public schools were supposed to start back this past Monday. We received a snow storm Sunday morning, dumping 4 inches on the area. Schools were closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Wednesday night, an inch of ice was poured out. So no school today, and they've already closed it for tomorrow. Rogers and Bentonville received an extra week of Christmas vacation - but they do
    have to make it up in June. What a crazy week this has been. Today's hight was 11 degrees - early this morning, and it dropped down to 8 this afternoon! It's currently 7 degrees, with windchills below 0. Yes, I live in the Sou
    th!! Here's a picture my dad took on his way
    to work this morning. That's all ICE on the road!


    Sheri said...

    well that is scary. And slippery. We have been hit with a lot of snow but this week we have a "warming" trend and hit over 35 today-so some has melted. Whoohoo.

    I hear ya on the getting back and into the groove...sure hope you can carve out a wee bit o time to blog-it is kind of a stress buster for many.

    Blessings and happy new year to you too.

    Susan said...

    I have no idea how I'd deal with snow...and honestly, I'd be BITTER in June when I had to stay in school longer. It's probably a good thing I love in the south.

    I'm trying so hard to blog regularly and READ regularly. IT's a great outlet for me and I miss it when I DON'T do it. Hope you're well.