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    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    30-Day Giving Challenge Update

    Friday was a bit rough for giving. We put our beloved family dog down. Andy came home early Friday which helped me a lot. He also picked up Pebbles from the vet for me, as I could not handle staying with her. Ryan and Andy dug the hole together for some good bonding time. I received quite a bit from my wonderful husband on Friday. Man, he's a great guy! Saturday, I didn't do much giving either. Man - slacking off a little bit! I did send some texts to some great people who appeared on my heart. I sent them words of encouragement - we can all use some encouraging every now and again. I received a glorious day in God's country with beautiful weather and amazingly well-behaved children. Thank You, God!
    Today, my husband didn't have to play during service, so I can say I enjoyed being with him during service. We spent the day with family, giving and receiving each other, at my grandparents' home. Then, back to the church for a couple of hours with our amazing teenagers. Tonight was one of the best discussions we've had, and I really felt moved after the lesson. Man, they are a great group of kids!!

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    Susan said...

    So sad to hear about the dog. I love the giving challenge and love the idea of just sending a text to those God places on the heart. What a treasure for the recipient!