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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Yesterday morning, we had Turner's first-ever parent/teacher conference.  I can't believe they do it for preschool, but it was nice to hear how he's doing, especially since he didn't do preschool last year.  
    Ms. Tina said he's doing great.  He was the first in his class to count to 100 with no help.  He knows all of his colors and all of his shapes.  (Octagon wasn't on the list, and he knows that, too.  Thanks to Uncle Mike!!) He didn't know the days of the week in September, but now he knows all of them.  He knows all the sounds of the letters, and is working on writing lower-case.  He can write all his letters in uppercase.  The only problems Ms. Tina has with him is the occasional authority conflict (we could have told her that!).  He also plays rough and tumble with the other boys in the class, but she said they all do it, so no ONE is to blame, there.  

    We are so proud of our big boy.  He'll join the reading group starting in January.  Ms. Tina knows he already knows how to read, but this will encourage him even more!!  
    We also received some pocket charts with flashcards to make words.  Turner loves to play with these.  What a nerd!! But, boy are we proud of him - did I mention that already???  


    ladystorm said...

    He is a cute kid. :o)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    Susan said... exciting! It's good they are doing conferences.

    Did you finish Twilight? I am deep into book 3 and loving it. I just reviewed book 2 on my blog today.

    :-) Susan